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OER in Australian Higher Education: Teaching and Learning

RESEARCH PROJECT: Digital educational architectures: Open learning resources in distributed learning infrastructures – EduArc Country Study (Australia)


You are invited to participate in research investigating the state of OER repositories and use within Australian higher education. The details of the study follow and we hope that you will consider being involved. Please note: all research results and data will be published under open license CC BY 4.0, and will be made accessible via Mendeley Data.

This research is being conducted as part of a joint German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funded project, by the University of Oldenburg (Center for Open Education Research), the University of Duisburg-Essen, the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF) and the Leibniz Information Center for Economics (ZBW), under the funding line 'Innovation potential of digital higher education', with a view to developing a federal digital educational repository/repositories. In order to develop infrastructure that is internationally comparable, a number of comparative country studies are being undertaken by members of the Center for Open Education Research, including the present research on Australia. This study is being carried out by Melissa Bond, Research Associate at the University of Oldenburg, who can be contacted should issues regarding this research arise.

Aim of the study:

The major aims of this project are:

  • to undertake an investigation of open educational resource infrastructure, quality, policy and change agents within Australian higher education at the macro level via a literature review.
  • to undertake a survey of Australian higher education institutions to gain an understanding about their OER infrastructure, insitutional quality assurance, policy frameworks, and strategic planning.
  • to undertake a survey of Australian higher education educators on their OER understanding, use and professional development.

About this survey:

Information gathered through this survey will only be used for the purpose of this study. All surveys are anonymised and your identity will be kept confidential in any report arising from this research. Pseudonyms will be used in any subsequent reports to protect the identity of participants, although information will be provided in the report as to the institutions that participated, as well as the percentage of job positions (e.g. percentage of participants who are Learning Designers) and faculties. However, this information and your answers will not be linked together.

There are 22 questions and it will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete this online survey. Some of the questions have been adopted (or adapted) from previous OER studies, to allow for comparison.

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Thank you very much for your contribution to this research project.

Research services:

This project has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee at the University of Oldenburg (Approval No: Drs.EK/2019/068). Should you have any complaints concerning the manner in which this research is conducted, please contact the Research Ethics Officer at

Thank you again for contributing to this research.

Kind regards,

Melissa Bond

Center for Open Education Research

University of Oldenburg


Phone: +49 441-7982076


Terms and Conditions:

By clicking the "Next" button, you indicate your agreement with the terms and conditions of this research, these are:

"I understand that completing and submitting this survey means that I give my consent for the information I provide to be used in this research project entitled “Digital educational architectures: Open learning resources in distributed learning infrastructures – EduArc Country Study (Australia)" as long as no personal details are deliberately revealed that would allow me (or my institution) to be identified/associated with any comments I might make".

If you have any questions about the project or problems with this webpage, please contact the researcher: Melissa Bond, COER, University of Oldenburg -

This survey is anonymous.

The record of your survey responses does not contain any identifying information about you, unless a specific survey question explicitly asked for it.

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